• What is European Fitness Day?

    The European Fitness Day is one day event dedicated to providing opportunities to people to find their move. We ask you to open your doors, provide members and non-members with “try me out” activities, communicate about the day and become part of the biggest movement in Europe.

    Our aim is to make the European Fitness Day the most active day in Europe. This is the day to celebrate physical activity in all of its forms – from exercise to dance. We are asking you - our members, partners, friends, stakeholders, and the public to engage in organising the “most active day in Europe”.

  • What is a MOVE Agent?

    MOVE Agents are the stars of European Fitness Day. They make European Fitness Day happen. A MOVE. It is the MOVE Agent’s job to choose their event type and location, register it on the portal at, gather the team they need to implement it, promote it in their communities and oversee it when it unfolds on the day(s).

  • Who can be a MOVE Agent?

    If you are a sport club, fitness facility, wellness club, sports club, yoga, cross-fit, Pilates, spinning or any provider of physical activity then you could become a MOVE Agent.

  • How does it work?

    Open doors your doors - if you are fitness centers, sports clubs, health clubs, dance clubs, yoga or wellness clubs and provide the public with taster sessions such as:

    • Longest squat competition in your gym
    • Spinning lessons
    • Dance workshops and lessons
    • Bootcamps in the park
    • Circuits
    • Cross fitness competitions on a club level
    • Introduction to strength training
    • Swimming
    • Yoga for man
    • Martial arts try outs
  • What should I do?

    1. Sign up as a MOVE Agent.
    2. Register a European Fitness Day event.
    3. Organize and promote your event.

    Toolkits, posters, flyers, banners and other promotional materials are also available to help MOVE Agents plan, gather support for, promote and stage their events.

European Fitness Day History

What is the purpose of European Fitness Day?

The European Fitness Day is one of our brand new events, that we are organising, as an official European Week of Sport event. Тhe main purpose of this initiative is to make the MOST ACTIVE DAY OF Europe. In addition, European Fitness Day is part of the year-round ISCA campaign NowWeMOVE, which has the vision of getting 100 million more Europeans active in sport or physical activity by 2020. It is not a one-off event but an effort which is part of a long-term strategy.

What is the concept behind European Fitness Day?

The methodology of the initiative is based on the National Fitness Day in the UK. The National Fitness Day has been delivered by ukactive since 2014. The role of the National Fitness Day is simple: it is to highlight the role that physical activity plays in increasing the health of the nation by providing a national spotlight.

Where and how is it organised?

The national and local events are organised by the so-called MOVE Agents, who are the stars of NowWeMOVE Campaign. There have been about 20,000 volunteers organising events and initiatives over the past years. The European Fitness Day event will take place across Europe , with fitness centres, clubs, dance studios and fitness instructors inviting prospective, new and existing members to join in their activities. And could be different types of activities like Open doors; free trials; Swimming and much more is up to our MOVE Agents to decide how it going to be their events.

Who are the participants?

European Fitness Day is an event open for all citizens who are willing to come, see, and take part in any of the activities regardless of their age, background or physical abilities. We regard European Fitness Day as a tool for social inclusion and having fun together while performing exercises, dancing, running, or simply moving. European Fitness Day main appeal to all participants is to: Find the MOVE that "Fits"you the most!

Is there a link between European Fitness Day and the EWoS?

The European Fitness Day has as its overarching objective to engage more European citizens in fitness and physical activities in support of the NowWeMOVE campaign and the European Week of Sport. The European Commission has developed the concepts for the European Week of Sport, following consultations with ISCA and other stakeholders, and ISCA is a European Partner and Advisory Board member of the European Week of Sport. Therefore is important to highlight that European Fitness Day is one of our brand new events that we are organising as an official European Week of Sport event and that it corresponds to one of the focus themes of EWoS - Sport Clubs and Fitness centers.

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European Fitness Day is an event supporting European Week of Sport